Herf Haul, Houston Style


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Got together with my buddies for a Houston Herf on Saturday night.

5 hours of indoor smoking with poor ventilation just about killed me....but the haul made it so very worth it.

The far left double Lancero is an MJ23. Can't wait to give it a go. Next to that is a pair of Alex Siglo VI. Then a pair of Talismans.
The two on the far right are a blind test....one is a Sir Winnie and the other is a Monarcas.

Then one guy decided to carpet bomb the group on his way out for the evening....

The generosity of cigar smokers is a million times bigger than any other enthusiast I've ever seen.


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Sounds like a good time. Getting together for cigars with other knowledgeable smokers is always a great night out.
Agreed. Couldn't cherry pick a better group if I tried.
We got two doctors, three lawyers, three refinery guys, a commercial developer, a real estate developer, a student from Qatar, a pastor, a librarian, and a salesman (me).

We are the definition of a Motley Crew.