Hey old Dude who likes Pugs(man)

Secret Santa

CEO, North Pole Inc.
You have exactly 20 minutes to post up what you would like or Santi Claws will just use his best judgement (suspect at best) hohoho. Santi Claws believes he knows what sticks you like but please let me know what else might be appreciated. You’re in luck the pineapple WhiteO’s are in stock. Is there any really special stick on your list?

Secret Santa

CEO, North Pole Inc.
Well thank you for the invite. You hit me at the right time. There is one special that would make the jingle bells ring, Por Larrañaga Picadores. That would really light my tree. I’ve also been enjoying the Bella Antares maduro, you should try that yourself. As for anything else, any good maduro works. I’m an easy guy and thankful for anything received. Merry Christmas to you.


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Sir Caesar ( Julius ) is correct. I know what the rules state, but if you mail after the 20th, it will work out. In my case timing is not a worry, but thank you Santa for asking, and you and family have a wonderful Christmas also.