Home Button change on site

George Scott

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For the past few days or week I noticed a change in the "home buttons" function. If you are in the forms and hit and "Home" button, it used to take you to the Forums Home Page, now they take you out of the forums back to the Cigar Pass home page. I really liked it the other way Rod. :)


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I noticed that too, but if you just hit the "forums" button that is next to the "home" button, it will take you to the "home" you want to go to ;)


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There was cheese? When I got there it was just a few pieces of parsley on a tray. I thought Todd was just being cheep.


What does this button do again?
I noticed it too and couldn't figure out why I was constantly back at a page with five year old articles. Now at least I know not to hit the home page.