How to choose a cigar humidor? - Automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet


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Apr 9, 2019
How to choose a cigar humidor?

As a professional manufacturer of cigar humidors, we suggest you to consider as the below aspects.

1. whether it is climate controlled or not, I meant, both constant temperature and humidity control.

2. Whether it uses the compressor cooling or electricity thermal cooling. Compressor cooling humidor is more precise and stable in temperature and humidity control, lifespan is longer, muchhhh more energy saving. But the production cost will be much higher.

3. Whetherthe liner and sheleves are all use spanish cedar or not.

4. What's the humidity precision? Generally speaking, the larger the humidor is, the big difference among the inside upper and down humidity will be. So the humidity precision is a most important measurement index on contant temp & humidity control technology. Most humidors in the market, specially for the automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet, the humidity precision is around ±5%. For those manual humidity control, I'm afraid that it will depend on your patient and hard-working on balance the inside humidity of the cabinet....

5. whether they use a dark tempered glass door to protect the cigars away from the direct sunlihgt.


Hope these info would be helpful for you to get a wonderful cabinet!