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May 27, 2002
Since I made a few mistakes, and I've seen several other new people asking about similar things, I thought I'd post a few quick notes about how to join your first pass. I know these things have been said elsewhere on the board, but I figured that if there was a thread right here among the "open passes" that it might catch the eyes of newbies eager to join who skipped over that other stuff. :)

In general, if you want to join a pass, do this:

* Read the CP pass rules (link on home page) and ask around if you don't understand them.
* Read a few completed passes, to get an idea of how they go.
* If you liked that, you can read a few passes in progress to see some "live action" :D
* Look at the original posting for an open pass, to see if there are any special rules. Ask the pass-owner if you don't understand them.
* Post around the board, and become "known" by a few people. It's considered gauche when a newbie's 1st post to this site is "can I join this pass?" (you know, like mine was :D ) No one will get mad about it, but everyone's first reaction is "who are YOU?!", so you can save them the trouble of asking, and warm them up to the idea of you joining their pass by making some introductory posts, first. Everyone loves new people, but there have been problems in the past with folks busting in, joining a pass, then disappearing into the woodwork once they get the box -- the memories of such events makes some people nervous.
* E-mail the person starting the pass with your real name, CP name, and mailing address. BE SURE TO REMIND THEM WHICH PASS IT'S FOR. Some people are involved in more than one pass, not all of them on this board.
* Once you're in, be sure to stay in touch with the pass. Subscribe to the forum, or check it daily. LET FOLKS KNOW if you might not be around when the box comes your way. Usually, they can rearrange the order a bit to fit you in after your travels.
* For my passes, I added a rule that I think everyone should use: when it's almost your turn, check-in with the forum and post "I'm here and ready", so people know that you haven't left-town, or anything.
* Of course, you should post to the forum the following events: * Got the box, * Puts & Takes, * Mailed the box (with tracking #) -- half the fun of a pass is keeping an eye on the forum and watching the box travel around. :)

I hope this proves helpful to folks new to CP.

I encourage others to add their thoughts, but please don't clutter this thread with "great idea" or "that's stupid" posts. If you have a critique and think I should revise this post in some way, please e-mail me privately, so we can work out the wording, then I'll edit the post -- that way, we'll save this thread from a lot of meta discussion.


Oh yeah, and WELCOME! :thumbs:


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Jan 16, 2001
Hey Misc... EXCELLENT JOB! This was so good, I had to pin it to the top!
If anyone has something to add, by all means, post it here.

Dave ;)


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Aug 20, 2001
If you want to build a little credibility and learn right off the start as a CP member ask one of the establshed members to do a trade.
They will explain, it and you will have some fune and learn more about what we do and how to do it.


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Aug 7, 2002
Hey Misc,

Thanks for the info. It will be great to learn the ropes and at some point, get involved.

Nice work!

Joe :thumbs:


May 22, 2002
It's noteworthy to make it clear WHY people are so cautious about who can join their pass. We are talking about $200+ in every pass in aged and valued cigars. Let's face it: A dishonest soul could steal someone blind if they so desired. So guys, if you are insulted about a phone number check, etc. remember that these cigars are very important to many of us and are worth a lot of cash.


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Jul 15, 2002
hey folks, i would like to reply to hbooker's post from the newbi side, we just completed a small trade and i learned a ton about my packaging, selection and other things necessary in being involved in a good pass, please, if you are new like me follow his advice and offer a trade with one of the established members, it really helps, and don't get upset it they correct you, it is for everyone's benifit


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May 27, 2002
nick said:
hey folks, i would like to reply to hbooker's post from the newbi side, we just completed a small trade and i learned a ton about my packaging, selection and other things necessary in being involved in a good pass...[snip]
Ooo, good point -- here are some notes I posted elsewhere about how to pack cigars for shipping. Note: a bubble envelope will *NOT* protect a cigar in transit!

Btw, a note on packing (I've received a couple of "interestingly packed" cigars in the past week): the main thing is that you don't want the cigars to bounce around. Don't smash them in there, but cigars should be packed in their tupperware "firmly", and the tupp should be packed in the box "firmly." Not smooshed, but "firm."

Put the cigars in the tupp with some bubble wrap, put on the lid, "burp" it, then give it a gentle shake. There should be no movement. If things move, open up, repack, and try again. If nothing moves around, give it a pretty good shake. There should still be no movement. Remember: at some point, a postman is going to toss this box off the top of a semi and let it hit the gound. Pack accordingly.

Once the tupp is packed, do the same thing with the tupp inside the box -- place it in, put in the bubble/peanuts, close it, and give a gentle shake. If there's movement, repack. If not, give it a good solid shake. Nothing should move.

There's nothing we can do if someone wants to stick a hook in the side of a box or pass a bullet through it -- but cigars shaking around on the back of a bouncy truck as it drives the by-roads of America is what destroys the ends and leaves you with a box of tobacco-crumbs. Pack for "no movement."

Another thing -- you should feel comfortable setting a gallon jug of water on top of the external container. I got a cigar the other day in a bubble envelope (from overseas, no less!) -- let me tell you, it did not pass the "gallon jug" test. Nor did it pass the postal test, which is a bit more severe. Cigar-crumbs. If your box can't hold up to a gallon of water (8 lbs), it's not going to survive at the bottom of the pile in a UPS truck.

Really, it's all common sense when you think about it -- but just spend a few moments thinking about it :)

NOTE: the above holds true for smaller quantities of cigars that are in zip-lock bags or something less-firm than tupperware. Just do as above, but squeeze all the air out of the zip-lock where it says "burp the tupperware."



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Sep 17, 2002
As a newbie send first when trading. also you might want to try your hand as a box pass host and start your own. this might be bad advice though. I just sent out my first box yesterday so what do I know :)

Damon Hopkins


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Apr 2, 2002
I would like to add here that it is very important to watch the thread.

If you have agreed to take on the responsibilty, then act responsibly. If you do not read the thread you may not get special instructions. As a passer we have to know what is going on in the pass. If you don't read it, you might miss an important message/post.

I also think you should post on the thread and send e:mail to the passer ahead of you to tell them you are ready to recieve, and the pass should never go into the PO until that communication has been recieved. You should also send an E:Mail to the person you are about to send it to, and make sure they are ready.

When we accept a pass, we are accepting responsibilty for hundreds pf dollers of a CP Brother's Cigars. I ask you to treat them like you would want someone to treat yours, maybe even a step more carefully than that. You need to carefully inspect the cigars for damage, reconcile the P&T List and allert the Captain of anything that doesn't jive. And if following this simple philosophy is not something I can agree to, then I would not sign up for a pass. It is just that simple.

So as long as you do this, and then follow the Packing instructions that Misc posted above and then follow the P&T Rules you will always be looked at as a good passer.

Edited on 10/7/02 by "PB" to better reflect the way things should be done.


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May 22, 2002
Heya Misc, what in the world are ya doing dropping 8 gallon jugs of water onto your cigars for? Jeez, the usps hired that ape from the old Samsonite commercials to jump around on boxes.


Everyone knows that



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May 27, 2002
One more thing:

* C O M M U N I C A T I O N * is critical!

When you sign onto a pass, you are entering a social contract with the originator to receive the pass, do your puts & takes and send it off, without a hitch AND TO TELL EVERYONE THAT THESE THINGS HAPPENED in a timely fashion.

Sometimes things come up. You break your leg, your mother goes to the hospital, your dog eats the address label for the next guy -- whatever. We all understand. But you *MUST* be on top of things and communicate with the pass originator, at least. IMO, it's best to post your updates to the list but, if you're embarrassed or for whatever reason don't want to post publically, AT LEAST contact the pass originator and keep him updated, so he can let others know that everything's all right.

Remember: you're in a pass and a dozen or so other people are sitting around wondering where that box with several dozen premium-grade cigars is.

So *ALWAYS* post the following events:

* When the guy before you has the box, post "I'm ready, whenever you send it" (or not, if not, and ask to be passed-over, this time. Often, they can work you back into the pass later.)
* When you get the box, AS SOON AS IS PRACTICAL, post "got the box."
* When you send the box, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, post "box sent" and the DC number.
* If there is ANY delay at all, as soon as you know about it, either post to the list or contact the pass originator. Tell them of the delay, and tell them when you'll get on with things. (I.e., "Family emergency came up, but I'll get the box out day after tomorrow, at the latest. I may be out of touch between now and then.") In this way, when people try to contact you and say "what's up?", they aren't frustrated by the lack of response -- they *KNOW* what's going on. Then, when day-after-tomorrow comes around POST TO THE LIST -- either post "Box sent, sorry for the delay" or "sorry, things are really hectic around here, but the cigars are fine and I'll get it out by [date], for sure" or whatever is appropriate.

* DO * NOT * LEAVE * THE * PASS * HANGING *, wondering what the heck is going on. A complete stranger has entrusted you with several hundred dollars' worth of his prized possessions; you can take 5 minutes to make a post to keep him apraised of the situation. If you are unable to do this, DO NOT sign on to the pass.

There will be other passes. If this one isn't going to work out for you, due to timing, moving, new job, new baby, emergency, vacation or whatever, bow out (or don't sign up to start with, but bow out, if you already signed up.) There will be other passes. Folks will respect you for respecting the pass. They'll be less than pleased with you for disrespecting the pass.

Between the time that the box is headed to you and the time you post the DC# for sending it out, you have an obligation to communicate with the other folks in the pass. Make the time.

(And Tone: it's 8lbs, 1 gallon :p)


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Oct 25, 2003
the best way to join a cigar pass is to close your eyes, click your heels 3 times, and repeat "there's nothing better than a cigar" three times.

once you open your eyes, you'll see that your name was added on the list.


Dec 20, 2003
Great post, I am anxious to get in on a pass soon. Still a little while before I will be ready for a try!