Hoyo de Monterrey 1066 Lancelot

I just herfed a Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliber 1066 Lancelot from Honduras after lunch today. The cigar is as long as its name: 7-1/4 x 54 ring - Churchill. Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaraguan blend.
Binder: Connecticut broadleaf.
Wrapper:CameroonThis cigar received a <91> rating in the Cigar Aficionado issue featuring the Sopranos on the cover.The construction/wrapper is beautiful, with very small veins in the wrapper - it looks like it was painted on. Definitely made by an experienced roller. The ash is white. The draw is PERFECT. Do you know how a perfectly rolled cigar has smoke gently coming out of the cut end of the cigar 5 to 7 seconds after the puff - that's what this cigar did? Very ample flavorful smoke resulted all the way through. Excellent. The burn was perfectly even, but I did have to touch it up once part way through the cigar. Flavor: Geez, Cigar Aficionado says, "Earth, sweet, leather, citrus, and spice." Sounds like eating an orange, while licking an old boot. Yuck! The cigar is medium bodied, and does have a sweet character with a rich round tobacco flavor. No citrus, and no leather though. This is a good non-isom, but I don't think that I would have rated it quite as highly, more like an 87-88 overall. The overall construction/burn/smoke WAS outstanding, but the taste could have been more intense and more complex. I would recommend these though, for a cigar smoker who is wanting to progress up to a more full bodied smoke after trying Macanudos, Dunhill, H. Upmann, etc. They would love this cigar! I didn't dislike it at all myself. With a few more years aging in the humidor it could become a mid 90's grade smoke.I bought my cigars from JR Tobacco in Statesville, NC. They carry the full line of Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliber 1066. 1-800-JRCIGAR (572-4427) or www.jrcigars.com I paid &#3672.75 + tax for a box of 25, so they are an EXCELLENT cigar for the money. They look and smoke like a much more expensive cigar. Try 'em - you'll like em.Sam The Man :cool:
I have yet to try an ISOM Hoyo, although I think that Santa may be delivering some one of these days. I should know by the end of July. :)The Honduran Hoyo Excalibers are a very good cigar for the money.
Sam :cool:


I have tried them..I love the whole Excalibur line actually.Lancelot and Merlin are My favorites.
The Excalibur line of smokes are great for those who like mild- to medium-bodied cigars. The 1066s are also medium but very flavorful. Moreso than the regular Excaliburs. There's no comparison between the ISOM Hoyos and the Hondurans. They're two really different animals. It's medium- to full-bodied. Its flavor blows away the Hondurans. If you like big cigars, go for a Hoyo DC and for a small cigar a Le Hoyo Des Dieux. You won't regret it.