Humidity Beads


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
I have a question on the licking. (Apologies if it's been asked/answered before)
Do you lick each individual bead or one big lap over the entire container?
Kinda depends on the storage method.

If they are in a bag or open top container then each bead needs a little love.
If they are in a tube, then one shot, down the throat should do.



"A billion Eddie Barzoons jogging into the future
My first batch turned yellow and very transparent after a few years (hold your smart ass comments there......;-). They got replaced. New batch is going strong, 7-ish years later.
Hold them where? Lick them don't piss on them? Was that the kind of thing we're to hold somewhere? :)

I think they last a very long time but balk at "forever". Do like Wilkey and switch to cat litter. Then you can piss on them with impunity.


"A billion Eddie Barzoons jogging into the future
Did you ever feel like a dog
With your head hanging down
Lookin for a treat
Sumpin to eat
Amongst the panty hose
In that great garbage can of life?

Ode to Oscar?