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Illusione and Caldwell Review Series

cabaiguan juan

My masculinity is very toxic.
Aug 30, 2006
From a generous BOTL, a new review series has come: the Illusione and Caldwell Review Series. Below is a picture of what is currently set aside for the series. Thank you to @xyz123 for making this happen:

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I&C-01 Mystery Maduro (6x52?) &
I&C-02 Illusione Ultra OP No. 4
are both up.
Soo.. you try to do right by a guy and send him a surprise bunch of sticks to try... and how does he decide to show his gratitude?

He does it by pm'ing you a picture of his balls!


True story! 😁
I&C-03 Illusione Le Elegance is live
I&C-04 Caldwell Midnight Express Robusto is live!
I&C-05 Illusione 88 is live.
I&C-06 Illusione Rothschild, and
I&C-07 Illusione Singular Kadosh are both up.
I&C-08 The Last Tsar is up:
I&C-09 The Jeremy Piven Collection PIV Robusto is up.
I&C-10 Illusione MK is live
I&C-11 The Goat by Caldwell
I&C-12 Illusione Epernay Le Ferme is live!
I&C-13 Illusione Cigares Prive Lancero, Natural is up!