Your Coffee Guy!

After a rather difficult move (still staying in State College) I'm ready for a quick sale to celebrate the fact that I'm all set up and back on line!!

$2.00 off each lb of Guatemalan Antigua, $1.00 off 1/2 lbs. (shipping via USPS is extra)

Guatemalan Antigua
organic/shade grown - whole beans - dark roast - medium body
This shade grown coffee is characterized by a bold sweet aroma. The flavor is rich yet mellow with
excellent body. The beans are big, dark and oily. There are wonderful deep notes to the finish. You’re going to want even more after the first cup!

Regular price
$14.95 per lb Guatemalan.png
$8.45 per 1/2

This special will end Sunday, May 12th at midnight.

If you’d like to grab one of these specials for yourself, a friend, or as a gift, all you’ve got to do is send me a text or
email me jerry@killerbeans.com, please don’t forget to include you name, the address that you’d like the beans shipped to and a contact phone number. As always, I include an invoice with every order which is payable by check or money order, if you'd prefer to pay with a credit card I can do that as well...remember, I know where you live!