IronPeddler come tell Santa what you want

Secret Santa

CEO, North Pole Inc.
Well Gary it’s that time of year again. Santa has checked his list twice and apparently the elves have made a mistake and put you on the nice list. Santa of course can’t be fooled but tradition is tradition and if the book says your nice Santa has to bring you a present. So come tell this jolly fat man what you’d like so Santa knows what not to put in his sleigh this year!
Gee whiz Santa...looks like everyone already answered for me! Sorry for the late response, I've been busier than a male hooker at a 50yo chick's bachelorette party. Ugh....

Santa, I'm a simple guy when it comes to being gifted...surprise me with some of your favorites!

Holy Smokes Santa....WoW!!!! You blew me away with cigars that really tickle my fancy, big time!

Can't that you enough.......Josh

Merry Christmas Big Guy!!