ITC Split Decision' Triple Toro

CigarMan Andy

Traveling Herf Man
I saw these several times on Cbid and became curious enough to buy a fiver. What an interesting smoke these turned out to be. These cigars come in three varieties.

Double: Combines Habano and Connecticut.
Triple: Combines Habano, Connecticut, and Maduro.
Quad: Combines Habano, Connecticut, Maduro, and Candela.

Country: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 6 x 52
Shape: Toro Perejo
Wrapper: Habano, Connecticut, and Maduro wrappers
Filler: Cuban-seed Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers
Strength: Medium – Full

I bought the Triple. The cap was a beautiful, almost black Maduro continuing down the stick. Next were the Habano and the Connecticut wrappers in barber pole fashion. As usual, I used my Zino double guillotine and got a nice straight cut to reveal the same mix of tobacco as the foot.

As I lit my cigar, I had my first taste revealing an earthy flavor with sweet toffee. The burn was even and my first ash was very light gray. It dropped off fairly quickly. As I progressed into the first portion, I started to get a hint of coffee and the ash started to grow, still light gray and much sturdier at this point. The smoke was dense and the flavor enjoyable.

As I entered the second third, I tasted hints of leather entering. The burn was a little off, but corrected itself quickly. My experience with BP wrappers was uneven burning and needing to be correction. This stick did well.

Entering the third part, the ash was hanging on. I knocked it off before it could fall in my lap and continued. I noticed the coffee and toffee flavors again and still earthy. The stick became a little harsh and hot, so I gave it a break for a couple of minutes. It calmed back down and finished nicely.

All and all, a very nice cigar for the money. MSRP $9.00 * CI $99.95 box of 20.
I paid $19.00 for 5 on Cbid. Very satisfied.