Its All About the Bacon(e)


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Feb 10, 2010
Here's a good one for all you bacon fiends out there! (Are you reading this, Anthony?

The idea for this little treat has been making it's rounds on the internet for about a year now. I actually just discovered it today after watching a clip from the Food Network's What Would Brian Boitano Make? I present to you, the Bacone (yes, it's so awesome it should be capitalized!):


Its a cone made of bacon that's stuffed with eggs, hash browns, cheese, country gravy and topped with a biscuit. Seriously, how ingenious is that idea? I haven't made it yet but will be trying it very soon. It looks simple enough. So, are you interested in making this? I know you are!

Here's the video of Boitano preparing the Bacone:

Instructions for preparing the Bacone:

BTW - Here's another cool bacon-related recipe from Boitano - [url=""]Bacon Cups with Sweet Potato Hash.[/url]