Johnny-O Novedosos


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Jun 18, 2006
Had the Johnny-O Novedosos yesterday

Obviously the cigar is very fresh as the official release is yet to come but it smoked like a real winner

I am not a sommelier by any means so I can not discern particular taste notes ( vanilla bean, chocolate, molasses etc ). So my review will be a much simpler one

The cigar started very simple like I would have to say even on a mild side of complexity but that did not last long. A quarter way in it started opening up moving into a medium flavor quite quickly. Half way in I was quite surprised of the flavor complexity and honestly started concentrating on my enjoyment of it way more than trying to size it up for a review. Last half was simply amazing it finished like a true blockbuster with very complex nuances and a solid medium to full range on a flavor profile. Stregth wise a solid medium as well I had it with rum and coffe and the cigar held its ground solidly not letting the libations overpower it at all

For any johnny-o fan or just a CC fan a true MUST HAVE !!!!

My only regret is not buying more of these. Hopefully a situation I will remedy in a very near future :)