Key West Cigar Lounge or B&M


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I'm going to Key West for a few days with my better half. Any good cigar lounges or shops that I could spend a couple of hours?



Love this place...
My old stomping grounds...

My favorite place:

Berlin's Cigar & Cocktail
700 Front St
Only open from 5:00 until 11:00 but worth going... has liquor, beer and wine...

Next favorite:
Cork & Stogie
1218 Duval St
Has a great beer selection, and you can sit on the porch and watch the people stumble by (really entertaining)

Next favorite:
Greene Street Cigar & Cafe
540 Greene St
Open until midnight, has beer, wine and snacks...

Also don’t miss:
Rodriguez Cigar Factory
113 Fitzpatrick St
Open 9 to 5 (if I remember correctly)
Great cigars and awesome place, tell Danny that Bill from California sent you, he will hook you up...
There are a number of bars that allow smoking cigars as well. One in particular is the Irish Oak Barrel at 506 Southard St which is right off of Duval St. Right across the street is a good pizza place as well that sells slices and you can bring them in with you. There is one more I'm sure you pass on Duval, The Key West Cigar Club and Smoke Shop at 335 Duval:
Enjoy your time down there, my nephew is the manager at Jack Flats on Duval. His name is Gary Ricci and he's also a cigar smoker. Stop and say hello. Let him know Charlie sent you....... :)