Knappogue Castle 1995 Irish Single Malt Whiskey


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Sep 7, 2005
Knappogue Castle 1995 Very Special Reserve Irish Single Malt Whiskey.

This Irish is a single malt distilled in 1995, individually selected by cask and bottled in 2007. (per the back label)

It is very light in color. I just had some on the rocks and will now have some neat for the review.

I rarely review anything so with that in mind, here goes.

Nose: clean, clear. Honestly, if you have ever smelled Irish Mist, it has the whiskey smell, albeit lighter, without the sweetness. Quite nice.

First sip; very smooth. I am awful at picking out flavors but this is pretty good. Light and, well, simple but not in a bad way. 

I guess I would say it is like the 10 cane rum of Irish whiskeys. Good tasting, the quality of distilling shines through, but it's not going to blow the skirt up on scotch lovers. That being said,it is a very good example of an Irish single malt that has no smoked malts at all. Having been almost an exclusive scotch guy for a decade or so I generally find Irish whiskey a bit light and less complex than what I am used too. But this Irish is a nice change. Drinking it neat, I am enjoying it.

If someone is interesting in giving whiskeys a try this appears to be a great in-road. Very easy to drink, tasty. From here, jumping into black bush and then to a light scotch should be pretty easy.

Bottle price = $23.99 (on sale) usually 29.99. (In New Hampshire)