Let us bow our heads...


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Good riddance. Worst excuse for a high quality imported beer there is. Way too bland IMO.


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This is terrible news. Hopefully it won't affect production.

I have had several disasters, albeit on a smaller scale.

This happened in May 2009, may he RIP.. :(


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My goodness... My Guinness...

Ben, that is Blasphemy sure there are more flovorfull stouts out there but, a properly poured draught pint of Guinness is something special. - No more Sharks for you. :p I kid, I kid.

And that picture of the Dark Lord hit me like a stomach punch ouch... That must have really hurt.


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Damn shame, nothing better then a pint of Guiness at a pub in Ireland. Damn fine factory tour as well!


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As a staunch Guinness drinker, this saddens me. On the other hand, it strangely makes my wife happy...


Good news though is coming out of this...apparently the part of the factory that burned was not paramount to production. I love me some Guinness, so I too was horrified when I saw the news! :(