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Mail question

cabaiguan juan

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Asking for a friend. What do you do if you keep getting mail for people who previously lived at your current address but no longer live there, you don’t know them, and they left no forwarding address. You can’t track down anyone who could reach them so it’s not possible to try and forward the mail to them or get them the submit a change of address to the USPS? Again asking for a friend.


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If it's good, hold onto it for them. Free dibs after 3 months. If it's trash, then trash can works. We get mail from pakistani' banks with their statements for the previous residents. I just shred them for their privacy and keep going. If they are looking for it they will think to find you lol.


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For the first year or so after moving into our home, we would contact the previous owners (I had their number) if it appeared to be something important. After that, if they don't have the sense to change their address, it gets shredded or we might write "return to sender, not at this address" on it and put back in the mailbox. Junk mail is another story. We always get the mail that says previous owners name or "current resident"

ETA: https://www.wikihow.com/Return-to-Sender


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I love getting the previous owners Christmas cards. We've seen families we don't even know grow up over the years. We put them on our mantle, lol. Is that weird?


Write RTS/NAA (return to send , not at this address) on the envelope and hand to the mail person or return to post office or drop off in bin. I keep getting toll violations for the old resident of our place.... They haven't stopped coming.

I let my mail carrier know and they stopped bringing their mail for a few weeks, then it continued...