Man O’ War Special Edition Figurado.

EL Corojo

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Jun 5, 2018
My first review in 13 years, I used to write them on other cites regularly, but have not had the time.

Man O’ War Special Edition Figurado.

Nice complex medium body throughout.

First Third-Set expectations low due to reviews that I read while waiting on these to arrive. First 1/3 begins with a buttery creaminess, and a little salt. Turns quickly to dark molasses and salted caramel. I was not expecting this much complexity. It is knocking my socks off right now with flavors moving from the background to the foreground. Cream returns and sweet spice with a hint of musk is added to the interplay of flavors.

Second Third-Returns to simple creamy buttery notes beginning the second 1/3, followed by hints of roasted almond. Molasses has been replaced with spice and honey. Middle of second third and creaminess subsides a bit allowing honey and spice to move to the foreground; musk is very subtle. Butter-nut spiciness would be my best description of the middle of the second third, with slight floral notes in the background. “The spice must flow”- Frank Herbert. The interplay between cream, butter, salt, and spice is superb right now.

Final third-Spice kicks up a bit and for the first time takes control of the foreground. Slight hints of leather appear in the background and intermingle with butter and cream. The leather provides an nice complement for the spice. Toward the end, a nice interplay between spice and leather are in the foreground, with notes of molasses, cream, and anise in the background. The smoke takes on a nice chewy quality. At this point the nicotine kicks in for the first time, but the medium body remains.

Overall, the smoke output was good, missed posting the pre-light, as I was only intending this to be posted for tonight’s smoke, but the flavor profile compelled me to give this cigar much more attention than I expected. Not sure why the previous reviews, I’d read on various sites for this cigar, said it was a let-down. I found nice complexity throughout. I was pleasantly surprised. The vitola was a beautiful salomón, the construction was perfect and the burn was razor sharp after the figurado opened into the first third.