Manu Propria Pipes

Good Morning,

I am new to this forum and new to pipe making.
I am running a small atelier in Switzerland specialized on making watches, writing instruments and applying Urushi (Japan) Lacquer.
And I have recently started making tobacco pipes following the style and design of my Fountain Pens.

The Pens are labelled MANU PROPRIA PENS and obviously the Pipes MANU PROPRIA PIPES.
"Manu Propria" is a Latin term with the meaning „with my own hands“

The concept of this pipe is, that it is dismountable in three parts Cup, Barrel and mouth piece.
The Cup is made from Ebonite with a bug oak core, and the cup as well as the barrel is lacquered in various Urushi lacquers.

A Note on Urushi
Urushi lacquer is literally indestructible.
The hardness of Urushi lacquer reaches Mohs 4, the hardness of Glass.
Urushi Lacquer has strong antibacterial properties
Urushi lacquer is resistant against all known Acids and Alkalis
Urushi withstands heat up to 300 Degree Celsius
Only long and strong exposure to UV rays could destroy Urushi over time.

I am curious to hear you thoughts

Best regards,

Martin Pauli