These are available as closeout specials from a couple of our favorite mail order suppliers. I bought a box of robustos a couple of months ago for &#3629.MiCubanos is a Nicaraguan puro with a dark, oily EMS wrapper. The smokes are strong and flavorful. The first one I smoked was plugged up but I have had several since and they have been great. I think they benefited from a little bit of age (looks like they already had some age on them though).Definitely a good smoke for the price. Not the most refined stick you will ever have but they are very satisfying.


MiCubanos get a lot of brick bats thrown at them on the various BBS's, but i like them too. they have the flavor to back up their strength. i just make sure i have something appropriate to drink when i'm smoking one. it's a good deal.
MiCubanos have always been one of my favorites. No pretense about this cigar. Staightforward cigar. Hits you like a ton of bricks and gives you a major @&#36&#36 kicking.