Mild and CREAMY


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I enjoy a good Maduro however I am looking for recommendation for a mild to medium body cigar with a delicious CREAMY profile (Maduro not necessary).


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Not the profile I chase, but the good news is we have several retailers that support CP and I'm sure would put a sampler together for you if you asked. Check out the retailers in that forum, and you may find a new favorite.



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I agree with Doc -- time to move away from the maduro and sample some different Connecticuts.

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As BBS mentioned, this is not my typical cigar profile that I seek out, but I do occasionally seek it out. If you get a chance to try “Tiff” from the Tatuaje Skinny Monsters line, I think you’ll find the exact profile you’re after. There are obviously a huge number of sticks that share that profile, but this one happens to be my favorite.
Try a Cattle Baron cigar. I think that they are pretty decent, and are reasonably priced. They are owned by a rancher from near here, and are obscure because they are a small company. If you want to try one, but can not find any, let me know, and we can try to work something out.