Must Haves/Have Nots in a cigar lounge


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Hey everyone, I want to start a conversation of some of you favorite things to have in a cigar lounge or things you can do without. I've been to a few from the Northeast all the way down to the Southeast, a few in the midwest all the way to the west coast. I've noticed big differences based on the geographic locations and the types of owners in how they do business. I'd really enjoy to hear others' experiences and points of view as to maybe why that's in this shop but not another. A few of my Must Haves/Have Nots are below:

For Haves: I thoroughly enjoy a well ventilated, but not too cold lounge. Comfortable chairs positioned to invite small or large group conversations that may point to a small TV or small TVs as to not take all the attention in the room. Well lit humidor (of course!) An attentive and knowledgeable staff.

For Have Nots: Loud music, large TVs that absorb all the attention disrupting conversation with the wrong things playing on it, too smokey and not enough or too bunched seating.


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Check out the Royal Cigar Lounge in Columbus Ohio. To me, that is a prime example of a cigar lounge. Great drink and smokes, the ventilation is great. I don't like feeling as if I'm entering a burning building when I go to a cigar bar/lounge.


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Good thoughts, Ryan. Smokey Joe's up in your neck of the woods remains one of my all-time favorites. It seems to tick all the boxes.


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Large TV area is nice for sports, but it's good to have an area where the TV isn't the focus. Comfortable chairs arranged for group chats is nice, plus a quiet area if you just want to chill on your phone and smoke. Free water cooler is nice, plus some pop, tea, etc for sale. Bar would be even better, but that's only allowed in some places. Location that facilitates looking at eye candy on the street is cool, too.


Must have nots:
Mold, especially mold they insist is plume.
Pushy employees that assume you don’t know anything about cigars.


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Now that I'm spending a bit more time in the lounge here, the only thing I can think of that I really appreciate from the few others I've visited is free drinks on hand. The lounge at the store in Honolulu had a cooler with waters and sodas you could dip into (it was also a $5.00 lounge fee if you weren't a member of some sort). Here I buy a water to be a good patron, but then make liberal use of the carafes of still water that they have on the table. I'm not sure if it's a normal thing elsewhere, but you aren't allowed to bring your own drinks in here -- which I learned the hard way when I tried to bring an iced tea in with me that I bought on the way.


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i really like an outdoor area... We have a few lounges that have outdoor areas here, but in the summer it’s just too hot. Key West has my favorite lounge with a big balcony along Duval street, so you can watch all the crazy drunk folks stumble by...