My wife asked me how much life insurance I had


Forehead wrinkle king
I thought it was an odd question to ask. I have her a rounded number that I guessed was correct and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “that’s enough.” She left the house soon after that with some of her stuff and the kids, no words were spoken at all. She was stoic.

That was right before the accident.

Stunned and still befuddled, I ventured inside the house to find a box on the kitchen bar. A brown box with BRAD DILLON written on the side of it. Curious, as I did not order a package, I approached the package. It was light but carried numerous items that I could tell from lifting it.

I pulled out my Gerber and proceeded to begin down the tape on the top, being careful not to cut into the box. The tape seemed to come off easy enough. I grabbed one flap and lifted.....that was the last thing I remember. BE86751D-1BDB-410F-8E8A-F383BF2C5D7C.jpeg
All I remember was something about Ed....that will forever be imprinted in my brain.

Thank you @Pugman1943, you are more than kind brother and I appreciate you more than you know. Revenge is best served aged!