New single flame torch.


Yada, Yada, Yada.
I was at my local bottle shop today, buying things I shouldn't and picked up a new $3.50 torch. Oklahoma passed a new law in October, that basically allows liquor stores now, to carry accessories.

Anyone else use one of these Eagle torch lighters?




Not a bad find, since my Blazer torch crapped out on me.


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This is the first time I've seen them. Even the cigar shop across the parking lot, didn't have these. Looking forward to trying this out.
I'll look when I get home......I don't know if they're Eagle but they look exactly the same and I bought them in a gas station.


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I have 2 and love them.....Orange like yours and hot pink! I use them for vacations, if TSA grabs it I won't cry.....too much.
I second this. I have one that I strictly use for traveling Incase it gets lost or taken. Not a bad cheapo