Nice review from down under...


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I've watched those fellows before. I trust their judgements, so I can imagine how great that cigar is. Especially that both of them were really enjoying it so much.

I know the one fellow is a cigar vendor. I think it's really cool that you sent them the smokes.
I've sent my regular mom and pop vendors smokes, coffee, a bottle, etc. I think they are too often overlooked.

Well done!
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Great to see! I've seen quite a few of their reviews and am always impressed with their wealth of knowledge! Great post Bill!! I'll have to add this cigar to my wish list! Thank you for sharing!


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Nice Bill! I enjoy Rob and Ken's reviews often. Cool to see one on something you sent them. Old footballs and Christmas Cake, haha! I'll have to look for those qualities in the next cigar I smoke. They were truly thankful and impressed by that cigar Bill. Nice work.


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I loved the Redskins discussion and they're right about the 2004 LEs, the Sublimes were incredible.

"It's all downhill" LOL.