On the Wings of Armageddon - IIPA

Blue Dragon

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Jul 18, 2005
Beer Review: On the Wings of Armageddon - Imperial IPA
Brewed and canned in Washington, DC by Brau Brewing, LLC. 9.2% ABV. 
Appearance: Deep golden color. Beautiful! Can't see through it; great for an IIPA. 
Head: Great head retention upon pouring. Only a slight layer after a few drinks. 
Aroma: Oh that's a lot of hops!! Huge hop aroma. Guessing Cascade, Centennial, maybe some Citra.

First quaf: Very hop forward. Tasted mostly hop flavors and very little malt flavor. Sort of bitter, but the bitterness stops half way on the palate. Huge head retention must be contributing to the hop aroma and flavor as the CO2 keeps releasing. 
Half way: Hop profile has mellowed out to a slight bitterness in the middle of the top palate. I can taste more of the beer now. Slightly piney .. maybe it is Simcoe not Citra. Leaves a slightly dry finish. I was expecting a larger body profile for an Imperial IPA. I think I just have Lost Abby on the brain (tongue). 
Had to check out the website while I was enjoying this beer. They have a video of their tribute to the coming of Armageddon backed by Metallica! Hell Yea! 
Final third: More of the bitterness has left and I can taste more of the malt profile and body that I was originally expecting from an IIPA. It has been a good ride along the taste bud train. 
I would recommend this beer to anyone who likes hoppy IPAs and can handle their beer. At 9.2% ABV after one glass I could feel a little buzz. It is mostly hop forward, which I appreciate in an IPA and IIPA. 
Thanks BFreebern! 
- BD