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Opus "A"

One thing that I love is traveling. I recently took a trip to southern California to visit family. I also took a couple of road trips to visit a few BOTLs. One of which was souldog24ca in Temecula. We met at the local B&M for a couple of smokes and Jonathan blew mw away when he handed me an Opus "A". Now, I told him that I would save it for a special occasion. I was getting ready to celebrate 21 years without taking a drink of alcohol, and that I would smoke it then. So on May 14th, I celebrated, pulled that bad boy out, and let her rip. All three hours worth. Please excuse the photos. They're from my cell phone. 

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring:  9.25" x 47
Shape: A Perejo 
Wrapper: Opus X Rosado Wrapper
Binder: Opus X Rosado
Filler: Opus X blend
Strength: Full 

I pulled it out of it's coffin and cello, noticed the beautiful Rosado wrapper with it's oily sheen. I clipped the cap using my Zino double guillotine, took a dry draw tasting the spicy flavor I've grown to love, and lit it with my Blazer torch. As I and took the first puff and immediately could taste that earthy flavor with that great spice on my tongue. The rich aroma started to permeate the air. It had a smooth draw. The burn was even and never needed correcting. Half way through the first third was a slight cocoa taste came out. The ash was a medium gray color, held on a little over an inch.

I started into the second third and started noticing that it was getting spicier.  

As I started in on the last third and it had taken on a few notes of coffee. I had been somewhat pre occupied, so I was enjoying it more than dissecting flavors. I was enjoying this stick so much, that I had to send Jonathan a text thanking him again. The finish was excellent. I got a little bit of a nicotine overdose, but was loving it. 

In conclusion: Again, this stick took around three hours of pure enjoyment to smoke. It was worth the wait and anticipation. Thanks Jonathan. Oh, by the way, I save you the band with they date and your name on it for your table.
MSRP: $25


Growing too fast.
Now that's the way to celebrate an excellent occasion. Congrats to you Andy and an excellent review. Makes me want to go fire up mine, dagnabbit! :D