Partagas Charlotte 1997


Growing too fast.
Up before the sun this morning, Jess came and crawled up in the recliner with me all puffy faced and sniffling from a cold she’s had the past couple days. We knew she would catch something sooner or later since she’s now in school, but just not so soon. The wife is in the kitchen cooking eggs and toast, nothing better than the smell of breakfast cooking early in the morning with coffee brewing. I put Annie on the computer for Jess to watch, and then come out to have my morning cigar with coffee.

It’s cool out; temperature gauge reads 72F with the humidity really up there at 82%. The sun is now creeping up above the tree lines, and I can see tiny sparkles of dew all on top of the grass. I bring Mandy out with me, and she slowly makes her way through the wet grass to her usual spot beside the huge loblolly pine where the sun’s rays are already warming the ground. I too make my way through the wet grass to a spot in the sun where I can take pictures of the Partagas Charlotte. The wrapper is reddish brown and even after thirteen years of aging it still has a nice, oily sheen to it. There are small, patchwork veins throughout with a couple of what I call sun spots. It has a good weight for its size, is very firm when squeezed, and after punching the small cap I find the draw very tight. However, squeezing the cigar slightly right around the band opens it up just enough to get good air flowing through.

After lighting the foot, I blow on it for several seconds to get the burn even, and then take several puffs to get the fire really going. I make it back to my comfy chair on the back porch, take a few more quick puffs on the cigar, and then a long, slow draw. There’s more than enough smoke coming through, medium in strength with the body full, and a perfect spice on the back of the tongue and throat. After exhaling slowly through mouth and nose, the flavors left on the palate are incredibly rich with a lasting finish that is lip smacking good.

Through the first half, the burn is razor sharp with a medium to dark gray ash forming that has tiny specks of tooth. Although the draw is still quite tight, more than enough medium strength smoke is flowing through with the spice continuing to hit the back of the tongue perfectly. There’s smoothness to it that I would almost describe as creamy over the palate, flavors consistently rich with an incredibly lasting finish that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Heading into the last half, the draw really tightens up to the point where I can barely get any smoke to come through. The cigar is now warm and it’s easy to squeeze the soft tobacco below the band; however I find where the trouble is as it’s rock hard firm under and right above the band. I roll the cigar between my fingers several times to try and loosen up the tobacco, and with my next couple puffs find the draw has opened up perfectly. The smoke, now flowing through in abundance, is a good medium to almost full strength with the spice kicking up a notch. It feels thick on the tongue with rich flavors becoming really intense leaving a delicious, lasting finish.

This was an absolute treat to smoke this morning with sharp burn, good enough draw, and rich flavors that left an incredibly delicious, lasting finish on the palate. I really love the Partagas profile, and this aged specimen definitely satisfied. Thank you my friend for sending such a fine cigar!



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Great review, as usual.

I've got a few 98s on the way courtesy of a recent trade with a friend on another board. Can't wait!