Partagas no 1 maduro


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So, I got the chance to try a maduro cigar from an awesome brother. First one of the CC’s with this type of wrapper on it so I’m excited. Not sure on the age of it.

Dey inhale is sweet like a dark chocolate. Smells of hay and dark cocoa.

First third: slight pepper to it but not bad. There is some cocoa coming through with a little cream and tiny amount of leather. Retrohale is full of cream and light pepper. Quite enjoyable.
Second third is coming on and more pepper is starting to come through. Much much more leather and cream have taken over, but is really tasty. Pepper has picked up a little but not much, except in the retrohale, which is burning some now and also carrying the leather. 8BC53606-7028-494A-8CD0-95C24596FB72.jpeg
Final third is picking up more pepper and tobacco flavors while continuing the leathery taste. The cream is backing off slightly. Surprisingly, the retrohale pepper has backed off and is mainly leather and some cream. Throughout this you can tell the cigar has some strength to it. 964CD1EA-876B-4A20-99C1-5729E2ED1A93.jpeg

Final thoughts: Awesome experience. There were a few re-lights needed despite dry boxing for 5 days, but overall it did not take away from the experience. Would definitely smoke this again. This also had a lot more leather than I thought, in a good way.


Forehead wrinkle king
Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Been sick with the crud and just now getting over it and getting back to cigars.


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Great review!

Yeah, big cigars need longer to settle when dry boxing. Of course, not all cigars, CC or NC, benefit from this and it's all subjective RE taste. Draw and burn issues are usually helped.