Places to buy Pipe Tobacco & Accessories


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Being a loyal Columbus guy, I'll going to nominate two local B & Ms, both for pipes and accessories:


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i just placed an order for 4 estate pipes through a few minutes ago

i hope it turns out well....... fingers crossed


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I normally order on-line from Iwan Ries since it is a B & M that I always frequent when in Chicago but also ordered from last week because they had something Ries didn't and I was very happy with their service.


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Looks like a new place to buy Savinelli pipes and according to Mark accessories will also be available soon.


A great BOTL and an active member here at CP. Mark will treat you right!



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I just bought a 36 Pipe Rack at and couldn't be happier. I ordered it eleven days ago from Tony on the phone. I told him I needed it quick. He said he didn't have any ready as they are made to order, and there were several orders in front of me. He said he would get it to me just as quick as possible. It was delivered today and is hanging in the store full of pipes. Now that's great service. I'll add a pic of the rack tomorrow.