Problems with Thompson Cigar


"I am done - pay the bills and get me a cigar."
For those that know me. I'm back, yet again. Those that don't, Please bear with me for a minute. Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with their purchases, getting a hold of a customer service reps and or received a letter demanding that you must bring your account to good standing. By the way when I called them, I was told that there is no balance due. We all know, vendors do not ship cigars until the transaction with the bank is complete. Lastly, I had been a customer for 14 years, They just blew that one.


Where did all my money go?
I don’t know anyone around here that uses them.
When my wife and I were newlyweds she ordered a humidor for me from them. I couldn’t get off their mailing list, and I’m pretty sure they could find me before the mafia would if I was on a hit list in the witness protection program.

Devil Doc

When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back
I used them one time, long before I became a member here. I still get junk mail from the SOBs.