Quad State Herf V - Feb 27th, 2010


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Well sisters & brothers of the leaf, we have locked in the date and location for next year's Quad State Herf V. It will be the 27th of February and the location is the Meadowbrook in New Windsor, NY which is a beatiful hall that I have been to a couple of times. We will be in the Cavalier Room which is a ventilated room as smoking use to be allowed here in New York not too long ago.



The cost of the event this year is $50 a person which includes the $20 donation to the Wounded Warriors and $30 to the hall for an excellent all you can eat buffet dinner. There will be a Cash Bar and the dinner price includes soft drinks as well. Same as always, goodie bags to all that attend and raffle tickets for the nice stuff and plenty of give aways as well. I will update this post with times and additional info as we go along. The start time of the event will be roughly 1300 (1PM) and we'll go till late in the evening. Now the fun will begin contacting all my old friends for donations and all. Yes, this is the official sign up, so come one and come all.......... :D :thumbs: :cool:

GUEST LIST as of Feb 24, 2010

Stogieman - Charlie Baranyai + 10

BlindedByScience - Tom Larsen

uptown_isy - Israel Markevitz + 1 (Mark Kaiser)

NASTY - Los Berrios

grateful1 - Gary G + 2

MOBIG - Jesus Rivera + 1

siriusstoogie - Joe C + 3

Diesel Grinch - Chris Tognetti + 1 (John)

Shibumi - Jeff Kreisberg + 1 (Big Mike)

rob300c - Rob Schmidt

jorel - John Buchholz + 1

Bxcigrfan - Pete (Gamaliel Vallejo) + 1

tony-ny - Anthony

EricDriscoll - Christian Aliperti

ilcchef2 - Ralph Croteau + 2 (adresher = Andrew Dresher, Geoff Lawson)

Tazman - George Kohutich + 10 (Metro Cigar Club crew)

jayro75 - Jason Robbins

LouieD - Lou

Cavalier & Duziesue - John & Sue Faulkner

Gadfly - Dan Ruvin

Streetrod - Frank Maniscalco + 3 (Jeff, Nick & Mike)

knuck42 - Bill

mrtapes - Mark Steinberg

Roy R. Frush - Elliot

Seavita - Vince Flaherty

northernmoris - Mike Moris + 2

STARDOGG - Jay Lundell

ironpeddler - Gary Roberti + 1

fivebyfifty - Stephen Serewko

Golfin' Tom - Tom Howley + 2

Kaptain Kayak - Dan

The Eagle (Dee) - Francisco Diodonet

thefatguy - Ian Cowen & Fiance' Ronnie Biscardi + 3

rrick57 - Rick Ramel

Bravo Lima - Bill Latta + 3

Roadie - George Rodecker

Big Daddy - Kim

Lil' Joe - Joe Swartz

Mr. Martini - George Quintano

Big Keith - Keith Switzer

The Don - Don

hdlr - John Borgese

thinde - Thomas Hinde + 2

Iron Man - Larry Lebron

Justin Whittaker + 1

tasman - Dean Parks

speedracer - Fernando

The Chief - Joe Colombo

delarob - Bob Dreibelbis

Nelson Rodriquez + 1

Alph Chomper - Alph Winter

omar chourice - Tommy Phillips

gdlou - Lou Rodrigues + 4

AngryFishH - Howard Vogel + 1

N2Advnture - Mark Neff

CigarMan Andy - Andy Scharfman + 2 (Gene Arganese & Scott Wolven)

Oddjob - Juan Esteves

lightersdirect - Steven + 1

Dustoff - John Caoili

Walls - Greg Walls

Larry G (UPS) - Larry Gallacher + 1 (+ 2 for dinner only)

Titan This - Rob Martino

Foch - Ralph

badwhale - Will Hanson

Statey - Mark Scarselli + 5

IrishRenegade (Irish79) - Dan McCauley

Tony Jannotti

Hyjinx the Mule - David Schulman + 1 (his dad Mike)

Big100HD - Frank Baranyai + 1

Scotty - Eric Scott

Dustin Schmidt

Richard Healy

The Roofer - Lester

Bobby Wojehowski

SKYDIVNEKD - Floyd T. Combs

Joemisery - Joe Sorbello + 1 (Adam Paddock)

CgarDan - Daniel Lodzhevsky (90% sure)

Big Rich - Richard Nosek + 3

Mitch - Mike Mitchell + 1

Dickson - Dickson Larriu + 1

Trainwreck - Gary

okia42 - Billy Friedman

Jefe de Grupo #1 - James Kralicky

John Speranza & CJ

Steamer - Dave

rudou - William Hou


Wilson Montalvo

in2xshp - Sam Tramontana + 1 (wife - Kim)

Chris McCann

WP Security Guard - Louie


Christopher Hyatt + 1 (Timothy Mitzel)

James Hubbard (Iron Man's friend)

Hector & Eddie

Downtown - Tony Brown


Uptown Cigar Company - Kingston, NY

Torano Cigars - Miami, FL

Reyes Family Cigars - Miami, FL

Killer Beans & K.Dees Coffee (Lafayette, IN)


Cigar Bid / Cigar International - Bethlehem, PA

Altadis U.S.A. Inc - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Cigarmony, LLC - Potomac, VA

Heartfelt Industries (viper139) - Carson City, NV

Port Authority Police Benevolent Association - Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Taboo Cigars - North Richland Hills, TX

Lighters Direct - Forest Hills, NY

CAO (toje) - (Nashville, TN)

donzz (Don Snider) - Winter Park, FL

Tobacco Village (Keystone_Raider) - Greensburg, PA

smelvis (Dave Bonnette) - Bellevue, WA

Jameson Cigar Company

Nat Sherman International - New York, NY

La Aurora Cigar Factory / Miami Cigar & Co - Miami, FL

Leaf & Ale - Knoxville, TN

Famous Smoke Shop - Easton, PA

Havana House Cigar Lounge - Middletown, NY

Tower Pipes & Cigars (NorcalMark) - Sacramento, CA

Atlantic Cigar Company - Stroudsburg, PA

Staebell & Associates - Richardson, TX

Cusano Cigars - Bradenton, FL

Jose Pepin Garcia - Miami, FL

Cigar Solutions (ronc) - Long Island, NY

Oliva Cigars - Miami Lakes, FL

Flatbed Cigar Company (PANACEA) - Yardley, PA

Ted's Made By Hand - Louisville, KY

Custom Creations - Wixom, MI

Pinar Del Rio Cigar (rahbass) - New Orleans, LA

Nub Cigar - Miami Lakes, FL

Philly Smoke Shop (hermitt11) - Philadelphia, PA

Jack Schwartz Importer - Chicago, IL

puffstuff - Decatur, GA

General Cigar Company - Norwood, NJ

Pound Ridge PBA - Pound Ridge, NY

Humidipak - Wayzata, MN

FUMARE - Illusione Cigars (vudu9)- Reno, NV

asmartbull (Al Smarse) - North Woodstock, NH

Smokes 4 Less - Numerous locations in NY

Brave Spirts - Narberth, PA

Drew Estates - Miami, FL

United Tobacco Inc - Sunrise, FL

Finest Cuban Cigars - Hong Kong & Switzerland

Just for Him - Springfield, MO

Alec Bradley Cigar

Nazareth's Fine Cigars - Beverly Hills, CA

The Outlaw Cigar Co - Kansas City, MO

Camacho Cigars - Miami, FL

ARCHAIC (Sean) - Spring, TX

lilwing88 (Marty Walsh) - Chicago, IL

Humidor Minister (Bill Wyko) - Tucson, AZ

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars - Bonita Springs, FL

Arganese Cigars - Westerly, RI

Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars - New York, NY

The Metropolitan (Cigar) Society - Fairfield, NJ

CigarsOfHabanos - Hong Kong

Cuban Crafters - Miami, FL

EPC Cigar Co - Miami, FL

JC Newman Cigar Co - Tampa, FL

CheapHumidors - Tampa, FL

Ashton Distributors Inc - Philadelphia, PA

Capadura (Tabacos Don Esteban) - Republica Dominicana


Proud Father of a brave U.S. Marine
Jan 31, 2005
Charlie - I'm going to do my very best this year to ensure the State of Washington is represented. Put me down for myself +1 for now. Once I confirm I'll send the cash along.


Cheers, guys - B.B.S.


The Man Uptown
Nov 27, 2007
Charlie - I'm going to do my very best this year to ensure the State of Washington is represented. Put me down for myself +1 for now. Once I confirm I'll send the cash along.


Cheers, guys - B.B.S.

I figured Mr. and Mrs. BBS would be the first ones on the signup thread. Hope to see you here, Tom. After all, I don't think i'll be making it to the West Coast like I had planned. You can definitely count me in Charlie....just one for now, but I'm sure that'll change.


The best way to predict the future is to create it
May 6, 2008
am in +1 :thumbs: :D :D :thumbs:


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
Alright fellas, this is moving right along. In just a little bit more than 8 hours, we already have 36 guests signed up. I have the sign up list added on the initial post as well as the Sponsor list now. 2 months to go and I can hardly wait already...... :D :thumbs: :cool:


Feb 12, 2006
Charlie, count me in I will probably have a couple of guests but I don't know yet.


New Member
Feb 17, 2008
Hey Charlie, you can count me in plus about 8-10 guys from the club. I will get you a head count. Where and when do you need the money and I will let them know.


PS.....Hey Charlie..dont start your PP dance yet...you wont be able to hold it. LOL


Is that a PSD4 you're holding?
Apr 24, 2005
I'm in.

This sounds really great. Can't wait to see everyone :thumbs: