Question on Dry Stogies


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I have a couple of HDM Roths that I let the humi dry out a little too much. The rh was about 60% and the gars were a little crackly. I used the slow re-humi process and after about a month, I have had one each night this week. The first 2 were OK, but last night, the HDM almost was ready to be classified as dog rocket.

My question is this. The humidifier was pretty dry when I had to recharge it, so I would think the cigars were sitting about a week at about 60%, so did the taste come from the oils evaporating, or what? This cigar was harsh. There was no nuttiness, no creaminess, nothing was really pleasant about it. I had to put it down way before the band, and for these babies, that never has happened before.

Could be that I just got a badly rolled. I just wanted your opinion on this one.


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Could be that the one you had last night had actually dried out more than the others. When they dry out, the moisture they loose takes the oils with it, and the oil is what gives the tobacco it's flavors we all enjoy. If the cigar lost too much oil, it won't matter how long you re-humidify, it will still be harsh and not very tasty.

Then of course any cigar maker is capable of making a "Bad Cigar" if you beleive in such a thing ;)


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60% for a week is not going to significantly change anything. I know a few people that store their cigars at 60-63%.

I wouldn't try and read too much into why that one cigar tasted "different". A lot of things can make a cigar taste or appear to taste different...including what you're drinking, eating, or where you're at. (the last one takes a bit of explaining but if you think about it location makes a big difference)

IMO a $2 cigar is not worth the trouble to try and save. If they are that dried out I would pitch em...... :)


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Just a newsflash, the Connie's I have in the same humidor are just fine. They are not aged as much as I would like, but I had to try one to see if they were bad or not. I just have to remember to keep charging the credo is all.

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