RA - My Befinning


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Jul 15, 2009
We all know my previous efforts to enjoy a CC were weak at best. I have a mentor, so i mow have a beginning. This morning I began with the RA, thank you @ Cigsid. pugs have a short nose, but I sniffed the foot, paying attention. Must say I found a lite, pleasant grass, actually expecting hay, but no, lite grass. Attempted to do likewise to the cap, but that eluded my senses.

Next came the appreciation of the wrapper. If you really pay attention to it, the rolling is quite wonderful. It's hard to see the wrapper as if winds around the stick. Yes, a vein, but I don't believe the rollers care, and there was no interference. On to the punch.

The draw was easy and rewarded with ample smoke. The lite grass filtered up. It had a good back end on it which I do enjoy. The smoke remained the same for me, and I was busy trying to work it and find more notes. That happened in the second third when I really found leather. Even surprised me, but I was intend and rewarded.

The cigar burnt well, no issues with ample smoke, but carrying it through to the finish I could not detect any additional notes nor change in profile.
Yes I enjoyed it and in the process learned. For me, it was not simple, but it's a starting place. Happy I took the the time.