Red red hot


Where did all my money go?
We’re trying to chase you off of here! How we doing so far????

I bet your wife really thinks your full of shit with all these “free” cigars and has been really closely scrutinizing your personal funds lately.

Nice one Cody!


Forehead wrinkle king
Enjoy! Maybe smoke one on your babies Birthday for the next three years. See how they age!
This is an excellent idea! I will definitely do that!

You guys have been nothing but amazing, I am completely blown away with the hospitality and kindness that is seldom found elsewhere these days.

At the first few packages, she was like, 'mmmk, that's quite nice. They must be nice guys."

Now we are getting odd glances and alot of 'mmmmhmmmm'.

No honey, I'm pretty sure, unfortunately, you can't sell yourself for cigars......but if you could, the guys said they would release me in 4-5 years.

Thank all of you for being so kind!

P.S. - In all honesty, my wife sees how much more I enjoy what you guys send than my own and the knowledge I get from here. She is happy that I am happy. And also, she has been reviewing the credit cards lately, lol.