Review of Cohiba Siglo 2


Aug 18, 2020
Hi everyone

The cigar of the week is the Cohiba Siglo 2

Wrapper color : Colorado

Type : small Corona

Pre lightning : mainly barnyard with some leather

1st third : A pretty much fast beginning with a salted flavour. On the retrohaling, I sense some vegetal and earthy (moss) aromas with maybe some leather.

2nd third : not many changes with still a salted flavour. The aromas remains very vegetal and earthy and maybe some cocoa.

3rd third : still no changes with the same salted flavour (and some bitterness is coming) and vegetal – earthy aromas.

Generally speaking, I must admit that it was a little disappointing. I was expecting something more intense and richer with this brand. Finally, the cigar didn’t evolve and I didn’t feel much excitement while smoking. Small consolation : the drawing was excellent and the combustion also great.

What I liked
  • the drawing
  • the burning
What I didn’t like
  • limited aromas
  • linear aromas
To conclude, I’ll say that the cigar is not that bad but I was expecting something richer and more intense (with aromas) especially considering the price.

My rating will be 6/10.



One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
Another great review, and I really dig the .gif, as well! It's disappointing when you expect a lot from a cigar and it doesn't deliver. If you bought it from a storefront, I imagine there probably wasn't much age on it. If you have the means, I'd love for you to pick up another one and dry box if at about 15˚ C for a week or so, then review that one in comparison to this one to see if you notice a difference.

Thanks for posting these reviews -- I enjoy reading them.