Rh for storing vs ready to smoke


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I have been reading up on the RH particularly the one that’s best for long term storage vs the one for on the go ready to grab cigars. For full disclosure the info I gathered is from this board as well as others and general google searches

To my understanding for long term storage 69rh is preferred as it keeps the cigar oil intact without drying out while for the sticks that are ready to smoke anytime 65Rh is best as it reduces the tight draw and overall taste and burn issues (ccs especially)

Hoping to get a few people to speak their mind on this.

I have been mostly buying sticks that I plan to smoke in a month or so but want to get into building a bit of a collection that I can age


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I'll save Tom the trouble and state that you'll have to experiment with the smoke ready RH based on the climate you live in, your palate and the marcas you favor. CCs are usually kept a bit dryer than NCs, but you can hardly go wrong with 68-69 as a starting point for LTS. I keep my modest stash of smokes at 64-65 RH (with no real thought of aging them) and they always smoke well.