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room smoke eaters


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Anyone have any thoughts on, orexperience with, a room sized smoke eater that won't break my bank balance? That temp in the sign in my picture happens more than a few times a year here. It's winter from Oct thru May and being outside for an hour or so at -25 to enjoy a smoke isn't really happening. The garage isn't the relaxing place I'd like it to be....no fireplace... I'd rather not fill the house with smoke nor wait till sprng decides to make an appearance. Done a bit of research, but would like real world input if possible.... thanks!


Oh My!
I had a Whispure that did a nice job when needed. Be sure to get a charcoal filter with whatever you get.

Search the forum for some historical threads with tons of info. (Not much but models have really changed imo).

AND read up on CADRS ratings when looking at models:



invest in America, buy a congressman!
thanks for the start... ill bang thru the older threads if i can track em down.