Scavenger Protocol

Ok I was herfing up in the Cigar Room in huntsville and one of guy lite up a very old Opus Power Ranger. After a few puffs and everyone just watching, he said it was not to his taste. He placed it in the tray and walk off. This guy swooped in snatched it up put it in his mouth and started pulling on it then walked off with it. Lol...
My question is... is this in good form, Is it OK, Is this a thing?? I almost wanted to slap his hand and say bad dog drop it drop it out your mouth.... jezz


Lobstah; the other white meat!
I’ve heard of a puff puff pass with a group of tight herffing friends and a holy grail type stick but a stranger with a power ranger? No...I’d probably just snicker and ignore the offender FOREVER.
Went back to the shop and asked around. I was told they had seen this in other places also. It's still shocking to me.


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No way! I won't approach the person but i sure wouldn't let a stick go unattended in that shop! I can't imagine this being preferred behavior.

Miami Matt

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Oh dear... I'm okay with the mile of broken glass but the "last man... " part - I don't think I can go there. For her though, sure!