Schlesinger's Steak House & Cigars

Jared Nomack

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Feb 12, 2021
So the topic came up on a recent herf, of how In The Old Days steakhouses used to have a room specifically for smoking cigars. The deal was, after a group dinner, the Men would retire to the smoking lounge, and the staff would somehow manage to get rid of the Girls (I think they took them to some other room, I have no idea what they would do there, nor do I care, alas)....

The last good memory I have of such a place is in Bermuda. Place was associated with the Southampton Princess, which I gather is now something else. Probably no more cigar room, but I haven't been to Bermuda in years.

Anyway, someone mentioned Schlesingers. Which is in the Booming Metropolis of New Windsor, NY (just south of Newburgh). I pass by that way a lot. So yesterday, as I was heading back to The Suburbs of Hell, and it was just starting to rain, the Cigar Gods showed me the way to Schlesingers.

I can testify! It's a great little spot on this otherwise Ugly Planet.

I walked into the place, noted guys (and gals) smoking cigars all over, a really nice bar, and off at the end of the room a walk-in humi. Cute bartender asks me, "What can we do for you today?" Setting aside my baser instincts (which have no relevance anyway as I'm pretty much just an Ugly Old Man), I asked, "Can I sit here and smoke, eat and drink all at once place?" Yep (laughter from the other inhabitants).

I set up a seat a the bar, made my way to the humi, and picked out a Padron '64. Found a cutter and matches waiting back at my seat at the bar (I had my own, but it's a nice touch). Ordered a beer. Enjoyed the company (mostly locals from what I could tell). And ordered a rib eye, black and blue.

The cigar was excellent (burned well despite the humi being obviously heavily humidified), the beer was perfect, the steak amazing, and the bartender top notch. And the company was friendly. The place ain't "fancy", it's pretty much Old Skool. Thankfully!

If you're in the vicinity, I do recommend this place. And let me know, I'll meet you there!





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Feb 24, 2008
The Quad State Herf started there but was it drastically outgrown in 4 or 5 years. Still a great place for a steak, a little pricey though. Been there plenty of times to meet with friend but we sit down stairs where you can smoke and usually order the burger which is much more affordable.


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Dec 29, 2007
If you're in the Raleigh area, there is the Angus Barn. They have the "Meat Locker" room, which is through and behind the kitchen, on the back deck. It's a cigar bar for those who want a nice cigar and libation after their Tomahawk Steak.....or any other steak really!


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Feb 20, 2008
There is a place like that in the Birmingham and Grosse Pointe areas of Michigan called Churchill’s. Somewhat high end however in the prices but nice to have some spots like that still around. There is also a place in Sterling Heights called Robustos. I’ve only been to the Birmingham one a couple times with the wife but it was a blast hanging out with people at the bar. Always some interesting conversation. And you just grab from the humi and they drop it on your bill, so you not constantly paying for a stick before your done eating or drinking.