Set and Forget settings.


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For those of you with the Set and Forget, and have tweaked the settings beyond Bob's?
If you have, can you share what's worked well for your system?

Circulation Fans:
How often do they run?
How long when they cycle on?

How much hysteresis do you run?

Any other settings that you're tweaking?
I have the non-reefer unit, so cooling settings aren't of use to me, but others may have interest if you want to post them.


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I set my new controller up so the fans ran only on the timer. I quickly found out that the humidifier could run a long time without circulation fans, so I switched one fan back to run with the humidifier. The other fan is on the timer. That made a huge difference, I really recommend it. I run one minute on, ten off, seems to be stabilizing out very well.

I'm going 'back in' this afternoon to change some things. Specifically the RH seems quite a ways off (like 4 points or so). I've got a salt calibrated SensorPush about 2" from the Set and Forget sensor, so I'm going to fiddle with the RH offset and see what I can do about getting it closer to what I'm seeing. I've got it 'fudged' so the monitored RH is appropriate, but I'd like the controller to be closer to what's being measured.

Looks like 2% hysteresis is the standard setting, haven't seen a reason to change it yet.


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I need to look at mine, I believe both of the circ fans stay idle while the humidifiers run.

I may try to see if less than 2% hysteresis works without throwing a wrench.

My offset is currently +5.2, but it's tracking beautifully with my sensor push.

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Can someone point me to a resource on programming and re-calibrating my set-and-forget? I'd like to adjust the alarm set points and how frequently it cycles the circulation fans.