Seven Day Bone Broth Cleanse~

I'm on Day Three. 😬

Even with daily cardio & a strict diet, it just wasn't getting done. So I decided more drastic measures were in order if I'm ever going to get my weight down.

I'll be doing this one week per month either from now on or until I reach my target. Basically it's two 16 oz servings of Osso Good bone broth per day---sometimes as a meal replacement, sometimes as a meal base---and no sugar, grain, carbs, dairy or alcohol. No oils except EVOO and ghee. Lots of veggies & clean protein.

No dairy is actually worse than no alcohol, but it's only for a week. 🥺

Today's menu:

B: Sunny side up egg on zucchini noodles, 16 oz. Osso Good Bison bone broth
S: Mandarin orange & 100-cal Kind bar
L: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer, Merlot Beef, 180 cals
D: Pesto shrimp, krab & tofu over zucchini noodles in Osso Good's Super Green Paleo bone broth

Four more days to go. 🤪

Day Four & I'm starting to get the hang of cooking this stuff:

B: One egg spinach omelette (twice folded; no cheese) with avocado & blackberries; 16 oz. Osso Good Signature bone broth
S: Banana, 100-cal Kind bar
L: Caldo---chicken breast, tomatoes, jalapenos & avocado in Osso Good Chicken bone broth. This was pretty spectacular & the most filling meal all week so far.
D: Italian sausage, zucchini & tomatoes in a mushroom broth reduction---I had a little left over from a mushroom stew I made for lunch on Monday.

I cooked extra for dinner; the leftovers will get Signature bone broth added to make Minestrone for lunch tomorrow. The menu plans in Osso Good's cookbook do a lot of that & it saves me having to make TWO meals every night.





"A billion Eddie Barzoons jogging into the future
So you bone her where? In a tub full of broth?

Kinky! ;)