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Smart sensor x2

just ordered another boveda smart sensor for my second humidor. This sensor really works well. I finally trust it no more need for hygrometers!
I've been looking at all these remote sensors for quite some time...along with reading the comments from the members here about how well they perform. But I still can't put all my eggs in that basket knowing how any humistat fails over time. Even my Aristocrat...it has a control unit that handles all the functions in there...but I also have backups to verify it's working correctly. That's how I knew my original unit failed and had to be replaced.

I will follow what you guys report over time because it is a neat way to go, so please continue to update the thread every few months so we all can get a handle on this.



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Was thinking about picking one of these up until I looked up the instructions for remote monitoring, not sure I want to leave a tablet turned on near by all the time