So my friend comes back from Mexico....


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One of my friends at work came back from Mexico last week. He was kind enough to think of me and bring me back a REAL Cuban cigar! He said that he bought the cigar from a guy on the beach- sounds like an honest dealer to me.

Here is the subject in question:

Now this fine Kooban cigar, bought from a dude on the beach, came without a band. The dude told my friend that was so he could get it past customs. Pretty nice of him to think of that huh? My buddy was so proud of himself for getting me this REAL Cuban cigar for only 10 bucks!!!

I have been looking at this thing for the last week, it has not been in my humi for fear of giving my other sticks cooties. I was thinking of smoking it, but I thought a better fate for this REAL Cuban cigar was in order......

Wow! A short filler REAL Cuban cigar!!! Wishing now that I had smoked it. These things really are rare! That great guy on the beach really was looking out for my friend. Who would have thought.....

Wonder if I can put this REAL Cuban cigar back together and smoke it? I take a sniff to see what REAL Cuban cigar tobacco smells like....hmmm it smells like crap. Musty old crap at that. Think I will just toss this into the compost bin and call it even.

Now to educate my buddy on why it is not a good thing to buy cigars from strangers on the beach.


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Wow, is that ever scary. Sometime I should do my Cohiba glasstop EL 2006 5 pack that was brought back from me last year.


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I believe I've fired one of those up before, hard to remember because it was a real short smoke if you know what I mean... some things you have to block out from the past.