Super Bowl DR Review #1: Black & Mild


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Thank you Mr. Jacot for the opportunity to indulge in this wonderful stick 🤢, and congratulations, again, on the contest victory. For those uninitiated, here is the contest:

Without any further delay (which I DID try to delay as long as possible...), let's get to it. The first of the five ultra-premiums I decided upon was the Black & Mild -- a cigar that most of you have probably never smoked. Your loss.

These are so high end, the manufacturer has spared no expense and provided a genuine wood tip on the head for the smoker's pleasure.


With such a luxury smoke, I felt the need to dress appropriately, and donned my favorite (probably ONLY) tie for the experience. Pre-light, the stick exuded a strong aroma of earth, vanilla, and musty basement. The construction was top shelf with no visible blemishes or veins.


Since this was a special stick, I broke out the expensive flame. Initial light was easy, and the draw smooth. The first third provided notes of coffee, vanilla, tobacco, and socks of barely-legal virgins collected from a musty basement. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see a tight, bright white ash that held for over 1/4 of an inch before it fell away. Let's see a 30-year-old CC pull that one off!



This cigar proved a rather complex smoke, alternating between leather, coffee, vanilla, sweaty virgins' feet, and the appropriately named "Black". I'm not sure exactly what "black" would taste like, but this is definitely it. The burn was even and required no touch-ups as I went. It pairs well with week-old Crystal Light iced tea. As we moved into the final third, the mild was really starting to hit, and I had to loosen my tie. I noticed what I can only best describe as Tacos Bell Grande a few times around this point in the smoke.


Towards the end I started getting a distinct note of New Car Smell on the retro, which was actually semi-pleasant, and only semi-nauseating. As it started to burn down to the wood tip, this was reminiscent of a Kentucky Fire Cured -- if the KFC were to be part of DE's ACID lineup. Maybe they could call it Kentucky Toothless Virgins Sweating Around The Fire. I don't even WANT to imagine the infusion process for that one... It finally burned itself out right about the time I was afraid the tip would ignite and burn off all of my nose hair.


As bad as this was, at least I was sequestered in my private backyard while I smoked it. The only pleasure this brought me was knowing that you are on security camera somewhere being documented actually buying these things. I still have my lunch intact, surprisingly. We'll see what tomorrow's installment brings.


Από το κρύο νεκρά χέρια μου
Excellent Review! 😂😂😂😂😂

I think the cashier at the convenience store thought I was an armed robber. I parked at the Subway down the street, had a hoodie pulled tight over my face and payed with cash; hopefully I can't be traced.

You are being such a great sport! I hope I don't lose the next one like this, not sure I can live up to the standard you're setting.


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That was a fun review to read. I'm really surprised you didn't bring that into a local hangout so everyone could be jealous.