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The Bill’s Best & My Last Box Purchase Contest


Where did all my money go?
Jan 25, 2007
^^^^Ok, I see something else I have to have. But, that’s it after that!^^^^
So I said I’m done buying, but afterwards I just pulled the trigger on a box of cigars I saw the year/code, and just had to have this one more. 🙄

So, contest time! Guess what box/vitola, factory code, and year will arrive to have me send you a nice fiver in the mail. Bonus fiver if you get the month right. This contest will start now and run until the box shows up and I post pictures here in the thread. If there’s a duplicate post that gets it right, first person to have posted it wins.
Each member in good standing (no matter how new) can post twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. One guess per post.

Jeff @CigarStone gets to decide who is disqualified under the no asshat rule.

There will be no super vintage cigars for you to have to consider. The code and year can be found within Bill’s Best Years for Cuban Cigars list here: Bill’s Best
Good luck!
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Sweet contest, thanks John!

Your link doesn't work, BTW.

JL #2

2004 MKO JUN
2004 JNL JUN
....not sure it's in Bill's list, but I'll guess you couldn't walk away from the Ramon Allones - Grandes RE Espana 2008 I saw at a borderline reasonable price.

I keep looking at them, hoping they'll go out of stock before I freak out and pull the trigger.... 😄
Awesome idea John, thanks for narrowing the list down or this would have taken forever;

Morning pick - ULA 2014 RASS (MAR)
Montecristo Edmundo POS 2007 FEB

edit to add Montecristo Edmundo
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Question: Can we choose the same box and code as someone else, and just change the month?
Question: Can we choose the same box and code as someone else, and just change the month?
I don’t see why not. That would certainly trump if someone else only got the correct box and code right prior to someone else getting all three right.