The Jewett Humidor

Hi, I recently picked up an amazing little humidor, the interior plaque says The Jewett Humidor Buffalo NY. I’ve been trying to research the company and so far haven’t come across too much luck. It’s a different design from what I’ve come found online so I’m hoping you lovely folks can help me out? It’s tiger oak, lined with enamel and what seems to be the original grating.




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Looks like John C. Jewett started the company around 1841 from what I can find. It focused on mercantile until 1849 when it shifted mainly to refrigerators. I really can't find anything that specifically mentions their humidor line, but everything I see from past auctions/sales shows them dated from late 1880's - 1930's. The son Edgar B. Jewett coincidentally became the president and general manager of the company (By that time John C. Jewett & Son) around this time from 1885 - 1924 (until his death). I haven't found anything stating whether he was an avid cigar smoker or not. Maybe it was a hobby and this little small side venture was born out of it? Edgar even served as Mayor of Buffalo NY for a spell.

I think the liner might actually be milk glass. Everything else I see online seems that is what they were keen on using inside their humidors. C. Jewett Manufacturing company Buffalo New York&f=false


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Likely a neat collector/antique item. Don’t know squat about value. Not likely something to use for practical humidifying of cigars.