Today's Smoke 2022


El Cañón de Latón
Jun 1, 2008
@cabaiguan juan
Atlantic usually has the assortment. Smoke Inn occasionally. CigarPage will occasionally have one or two of them. I usually wait for a sale or coupon code, then buy Annunaki and Phantom depth. Heck, a reputable ISOM source sells them as well.

If you see any Seven Horns around, snap them up. I doubt they’ll go into regular production and they continue to improve with age. I’m still kicking myself for not buying more Rose Croix when they were around. I’m sure @mjolnir01 agrees.
In fact I believe they are his favorites.
Yup, although I did get my hands on another box of Rose Croix a few years ago. I should probably go deeper on the Seven Horns.


Don't pull that thang out, unless you plan to bang
Sep 9, 2020
It’s a little to bitter for me. I think a lot of BWS stuff is like that for me.
Let me know what you think

I liked it a lot. I quoted Chad's comment because I feel the Intergalactic is a bit different from the usual offerings from BWS. Initial draw hit me with the usual BWS pepper that is reminiscent of the Killer Bee, but half way through the first third it mellowed out a lot, not in a bad way. It's a more milder BWS cigar with notes of cedar. If you want something from BWS but don't want to be punch in the face it's the cigar to go to.