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Dec 28, 2021
Did you get the box of those 135yr Oliva's? I thought it was all Serie V just dressed in a different vitola, but someone said it tastes different. I just tucked a box away for a couple months before I spark one. Does it taste different to you? I'll have to have an all-Oliva day when I dig it back out (Cain, MB3, Melanio, Original V, and this one).

To Pug and Nate, haven't forgot about your bombs. Just back in town after burying my father and am playing catchup. I'll get them out by weeks end. Also, the Priority boxes I ordered from USPS on Dec 30 still haven't arrived. Maybe I'll just UPS them... haven't bombed in a while and not sure what carrier and vessel is best these days (anyone?).

In the meanwhile, went to buy a box of EPC Pledges for a buddy and myself.. ended up buying 5 boxes and a box of CAO MX2s. I'm weak when it comes to impulse maduro purchases.

I've decided to be okay with that and so has my accountant. I don't say anything about all her shoes and purses - and she doesn't say anything about my plantation! 😛

It's been a solid alliance thus far! 🙏👍🤘🤙👊


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Le Primauguet

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Nov 9, 2021


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