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Top 5 Cuban Non Cubans


Well-Known Member
Dec 24, 2022
For many, myself included, CC are still the standard. When you smoke a quality Cuban it’s an experience that is truly hard to beat.

I’m curious what cigars other members have smoked that top the charts as their most Cuban-esq Non Cuban?

From my Journal:
- Caldwell Anastasia Caspia Green Label (Corona Gorda)
- Highclere Castle Victoria Robusto
- Alec Bradley Fine and Rare 2019 Toro
- Room 101 Trick or Treat aka The Naked Booth PCC October 2021 Exclusive
- Illusione Haut 10 Toro
Are you counting Cuban-seed NCs?
Are you counting Cuban-seed NCs?
For sure.

I based my selections purely off flavor, body, and aroma. I really didn’t pay much attention to wrapper/binder/filler or seed variety.
Though I’m sure that can be a factor.